Offer Received for PAC and Josie Peper Building

An offer has been made to Clatsop Community College (CCC) for the purchase of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and Josie Peper properties located at 16th and Franklin in Astoria. College leadership received the unsolicited offer earlier this week and today met with the local performing groups of the building, Partners of the PAC, to discuss the offer and to get their input.

Although the PAC building is not deemed surplus or listed for sale, buyers approached CCC with their offer. Karen Radditz of Totem Properties, the real estate agent representing CCC in the offer, stated, “The buyer’s intention is to build affordable housing on some of the land while keeping the PAC as is for a community center. They are anxious to do the right thing for the community.”

While the PAC serves as a facility for community performances, the college does not have the programming or classes to utilize the space academically. The Josie Peper property has been deemed surplus and is listed for sale.

The Board of Directors will hold a special meeting to further discuss the offer on the properties. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29th at 6:30 p.m. in the Columbia Hall Room 219.